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Note that we recommend to leave end-customer systems set to ‘Latest release’. Offline updates Use this menu to install a new version from a microSD card or USB stick. The hostname can be a single wildcard, for example *, or multiple regular certificates, for example . To install an SSL certificate on the LoadMaster, follow the steps below in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI): In the main menu, select Certificates & Security > SSL Certificates. This indicates that the default Identifier in the Unity Remote project is not compatible with your provisioning profile. After supplying domain credentials, a blank screen should appear. This has been changed in v1.18: disabling auto-update also disables the check, saving a lot of data. We recommend to set the mobile plan up in such a way that there are no surprises.

Sometimes you also need to cold-restart your iPhone/iPad (hold down the menu and power buttons simultaneously). Unity Remote uses the Apple Bonjour service, so check that your Mac has it switched on. Isolation Because the CCGX is connected to many different products, ensure that proper care is taken with isolation to prevent ground loops. In 99% of installations this will not be a problem. System setup AC input 1 Generator Select Generator or Grid. Load balancing Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) is relatively straight forward. RD Web Access is a website running on Internet Information Server (IIS). RD Web Access preferably runs on port 443 to leverage SSL security and is, by default, accessed by browsing to (FQDN)>/rdweb.

That means that even with months worth of backlog, once the CCGX re-acquires an Internet connection, all of the backlog is sent out. Note: The Unity iOS editor cannot emulate the device’s hardware perfectly, so you may not get the exact behavior (graphics performance, touch responsiveness, sounds playback, etc) that you would on a real device. Enter a recognizable Service Name, such as RD Session Host. Figure 2‑9: RD Web Access Server FQDNs To retrieve the RD Web Access servers in your deployment, open the Remote Desktop Management Services (RDMS) console as part of server manager, go to the Overview and refer to the Deployment Servers section as shown above. Figure 2‑15: Add a Virtual Service Enter the relevant IP address in the Virtual Address text box. Figure 2‑55: Statistics screen Click the Virtual Services button.

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